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Arrow keys aren't working in search box in Preferences


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Win 10 + Acc 13.1.2b


In Preferences I typed a word into the search box, and the arrow keys aren't working - they don't move the cursor. They usually work, not sure why they aren't at the moment.


It's not my keyboard; they're working just fine as I enter this topic. The arrow keys do work in the dialog box - when I select one of the items in the list the up/down keys move the selection; also, when I click on keyboard shortcuts in the category list on the left the arrow keys work to move the selection. I exited the dialog box and came back in and same problem. I can type and do backspace, but left & right, shift+ or ctrl+shift+ left and right don't work. Oddly, ctrl+ left & right do work, I can move the cursor one word at a time. 


I tried both arrow keys and the numpad arrow keys (num lock off). 


I find the preferences dialog box in general pretty buggy. Many times parts of the display blank out or go into disco/flashing mode. It's odd. 


Happy to help fix this if there's anything I can do on my end.



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In both 13.1.1 and 13.1.2b1


In the search box in Preferences left/right arrow keys, home/end, ctrl+ home/end, and ctrl+shift home/end all do not move the cursor. Those keys don't work. Those keys work if I select somewhere else in the dialog box. 


Ctrl+ left & right arrows do work, as does Ctrl+Shift+ left & right arrows. 


Weird. Loose nut behind the keyboard?



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