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Selecting text and moving the cursor in various search boxes is buggy


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Win 10 + Acc 13.1.1


Using shift and/or control + arrow keys works kinda weirdly in the various search input boxes. For example, if I'm anywhere in the last word or at the beginning of the last word, shift+end will not select text, but it should. Control+shift+end does select text. 


(Shift+home works as it should with regards to the first word.) 


Control+arrow words a bit oddly. If my text is "justified [RANGE rom]" and my cursor is at the beginning and I do ctrl+right I go to the end of justified, not the start of the bracket. Ctrl+right again puts be at the bracket. Ctrl+left & ctrl+right shouldn't put me at the end of a word. 


I've noticed a number of text navigation and selection oddities as I work the various tabs in the search entry. Maybe elsewhere, I can't recall. I consider these to be bugs. If there's a reason can you please explain? I only have a finite amount of hair to pull ;-)


Thank you. Cheers!

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