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Active highlighting tweak.


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I enjoy using the active highlighting together with the Apple Pencil. It is very intuitive.

However I cannot see a way to use active highlighting and have it viewable in all texts.


I do understand the difference between highlighting individual words and phrases in one translation and why they are not transferable to others.

However even if i start the active highlighting on the verse reference (rather than the first word), it still treats it as a translation specific highlight.

The only way I can see currently is to still use the long press on the reference and select the highlight from there. 

Am i correct in my understanding? Is there anything that could be done whereby using active highlighting that includes the full verse reference could be treat as a complete verse and therefore seen across all translations?


Here is an example of active highlighting where I have selected the reference as the starting point. If this could be handled like a full verse, active highlighting would be more useful for my way of using accordance.






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