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Can no longer search in a particular User Bible


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I've never experienced this before.  I have a particular User Bible which no longer pulls up in the Research Tab for search "All Texts."  I then opened that User Bible in a window all by itself, and tried searching several terms that are definitely there.


A tab started to open for just a split second, and then it immediately went away.  It's weird.  I can scroll through the text of the User Bible, and it appears like normal (English), but I can't search anything at all in it.  What would cause this?


Update: I ended up deleting the Bible out completely, and re-importing it.  (Note: I was stopped by the BOM (byte order mark) error, which I thought was finally dealt with back in 2019.  I guess not?)  Thankfully, I had a copy of my User Groups backed up, so I didn't manually have to return this Bible into nearly 10 custom user groups.

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