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Fresh installation missing resources


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I have partitioned my iMac so I have an old Mojave system and a new Catalina system, so I can boot into one or the other.


With the new Catalina system I did a clean install of Accordance and downloaded all resources using Easy Install.


Today I realised I didn't have a KJV text in my library, but Easy Install says my installation is complete.


Looking in the Application Support folders, the Catalina Accordance has 55 texts, but the Mojave one has 82.

Catalina has 391 tools, but Mojave has 512.


In the past I have always copied the Accordance folder from computer to computer.

I have used Accordance since version 3 or 4 and originally bought CDs and DVDs.


Is there any way I can add my old texts and modules to my online account, so that if I ever need to do a fresh installation, I can get ALL my old files in Easy Install?





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Copying the missing files to the new Catalina system does not result in them being automatically recognised by Accordance.

Double-clicking the files causes them to open in Accordance, but see below: The texts are useless.




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Update 2:


It appears my custom text display was at fault: changing the text display style to Default or Athens made it display properly.


But why?

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