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Tools lose their place when switching apps on iPad (3.0.8)


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Tested running Accordance 3.0.8, on iPad mini, iPad Pro (12.9 inch) and iPad Pro (11 inch):


When in portrait mode, ‘tools’ (not ‘texts’) always lose the last read position when you switch away from the app and then switch back.


When in landscape mode, ‘tools’ sometimes lose the last read position. However, most of the time when you return to the app you are close-ish to the last read position.


Please could developers look into this, and fix the issue when in ‘portrait’ mode?


PS even in landscape mode, when it does remember the last read position, it still is often ‘out’ by a paragraph or two. Is it possible to rework this element of the iPad app, so that you are always returned to exactly the last place you were reading when returning to the app? A lot of other ‘e-readers’ prioritise this, and it would really make using the app much more pleasant on iPad. 


Finally, the same issue happens when you have a text open, and open a tool in the secondary window.

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I am experiencing this too. A friend with whom I’m reading through Walton’s Lost World series in Accordance says the same.

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