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Info Pane - click on commentary but wrong one opens when display text abbreviated


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Acc v13.0.5  on Win10 Home (10.0.18362)


I have Info Pane showing Commentaries without covers. They are listed in 2 columns. (Boy I wish they were ordered top/down first column, then top/down second column rather than left right, left right, left right!)


A commentary in the first col (I'll call it C1) is too long to display entirely. It's listed as "IVP NT Background Commenta..."

The commentary to it's right, in the second col (I'll call it C2), is "Wiersbe's BE Series".


As I mouseover C1 it shows that resource's text in the Instant Details (ID). As I move the mouse to the right and over Wiersbe ID continues to show C1's text. Not until I get to the apostrophe does ID show C2's text. 


I suspect what's going on is that mouseover and the resulting click action (open commentary) is going based off the full text of the item -- IVP NT Background Commentary (2nd ed.) -- and not the display text.


Can this be fixed? 


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I'm on Mac, and the bug doesn't occur here.  I'll check again next time I switch over to Windows.


As a possible workaround until I fix this, the info pane should display the commentaires as a single column if you make it a bit narrower.

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