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Ctrl-Alt-A does not copy the reference into the get verses dialog

Λύχνις Δαν

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Hi ya,


  Win 10

  Acc 13.0.5


  I am playing with this feature and comparing it with Mac and found a few issues.


  1. If I type John 1:1 in LibreOffice and select it, hit ctrl-alt-A the reference is not copied into the Get Verses dialog box. If I type it it then pastes ok. But if I then type a difference verse in my doc and select it and ctrl-alt-A again I see the old reference in the dialog box.

  2. Hitting ctrl-alt-A does not bring the Get Verses dialog to the front. I see the task bar Accordance icon flashing and have to go and find the dialog.

  3. If I paste in citation format there is an Accordance link put in. As soon as I start typing after that insertion I see the link style is still active. In fact this is true of any pasted style. Without citation on the paste style is still active when I next type.

  4. It would be good I think if a heuristic was applied to select a reasonable text to pull from based on the reference selected. If I type in Mark 2:3 for example having the currently selected text be Josephus is not a good choice. I believe the choice is made based on the front most window and text pane rather than the reference itself, though perhaps this could be a consequence of 1 above.




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