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Accordance Crashing on Startup


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A behavior started a couple of days ago:


1) I start accordance and the splash screen appears then goes away (I think I see the application window blink up for a split second then go away).  When I check task manager, the application is not running.

2) I start it again and am informed that Accordance crashed oor was not quit properly and have the option to recover the most recent autosaved session..

    a) If I select yes, the application will start correctly but when I close it, I am back at step 1.

    B) If I select no, the application crashes again


I am on version 13.0.4.

In my general settings, I am set up to start using a default workspace.  I suspect if I change this setting the problem might go away (I'm wondering if my workspace is corrupted somehow).   Before I start doing this though, I though I would post here to see if there are log files or anything like that I can send you to help debug the issue.

I don't know if it is pertinent or not, but the last save session has a detached window with Accordance help in it.   When I closed down in that state, that is when I started seeing the issue (maybe just a coincidence).




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Can you go to General Preferences and check the box that says "Suppress opening splash screen" and tell me if the problem still happens?


Can you look for an "Accordance Logs" folder on your computer and see if it has any recent crash logs in it?  It should be in the same parent folder as the "Accordance Files" folder, which is usually the "Documents" folder.  If there are any logs, can you post them here or email them to me?  I believe you already have my email address.

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Sorry I didn't respond sooner.. I haven't checked back on the forums in a while.  Whatever the problem is seems to have corrected itself.  I will save these instructions and check the log files in the event of a recurrence.

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