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Thanks for reading. 

I'm still fairly new to Accordance, so I appreciate the help.

When I do a word search, say for the word "kingdom", and I get the results, how do I go to just the verse I have found without having to open a new tab and enter the verse? 

So for example, the results for "kingdom" in the NT, specifically lists John 18:36, "My kingdom is not of this world..." How do I open that verse in a new tab easily? I'm familiar with the "0" slider that gives me more verses after the result. But I'm wanting to read a larger context in a new tab. I've tried triple clicking but that doesn't work. 

It just seems there should be an easier way to get the verse opened in a new tab than for me to do the search, get the result, and then open up another tab and then enter the verse again to get the passage that I want to get at. 

Thanks for the help! :-) 

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I do not know if this will be helpful for you or not, but might help you in other ways if it doesn't, maybe.




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Hi Chonn!  This is a great question.  Since you've already discovered how to use the context slider, but want it in a different tab, use the Context option:


If you click in a verse, you can use Right Click -> Look Up -> Context, or the Amplify menu (or toolbar item) -> Context.  This will open a separate tab with that verse in its full context.

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Thank you, Jesse and Joel! 

Joel nailed it. And the Command + 5 is the shortcut! Golden!  :D

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I had this same question. The cmd+5 / Amplify->Context suggestion did exactly what I was looking for; thanks!


I've not searched extensively to see where this same tip might be described, but it is so basic that I suggest adding it to a FAQ or other central area where users might see it. Perhaps it is there and I missed it; there are many facets to this jewel, and it is easy to miss details. Even formulating a search can be tricky; new users such as myself may not know to use 'context' as a search term (I did not).


I thought to add an additional comment for others who eventually find this.


Opening a specific search result with the cmd-5 Context option opened a clone of the open resources in the search window (say, NET, NA28, and Comprehensive Crossrefs) into the Context zone, which left it in a fairly restricted area on the screen. I dragged one of the tabs (NET, say) up to the main Texts zone display area and found a place for it among the other open tabs, and all the parallel resources (NA28 and Comprehensive Crossrefs, in my search) came with it. In the much larger Text zone it was much easier to work with the resources.


It would be nice to be able to open the fuller context of a specific search result directly into Texts without needing to go through Context first, but at least this is a way to expand it into its own tab in the large Texts area.

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