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Printing in version 13


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I do the following.


1) Open ESVS as the only open window in Accordance 13.0.4.

2) Navigate to 1st Peter ("1 Pet 1:1-25" entered in the search bar)

3) Select File->Print...

4) Select Microsoft Print to PDF as the printer

5) Select a file name on my desktop and hit save

6) Navigate to my desktop and open the file.


There are random lines on the printout at the top. (file attached)


I really like the software but printing is definitely the most frustrating part of using it. :)




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Thanks, I've reproduced.  It's the underlines.  For some reason, they are being copied up to the top left of the page in miniature.  I will figure out why and fix it, but you should be able to work around it in the meantime by going to "Set Text Pane Display..." then "Customize Theme" then change the "Style" pop-up menus to something besides underline. 

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