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Research does not show list in right side window


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I have tried a Research window on different topics, and the right window does not show the list of hits. If I use my mouse and hover over the right windows, it will try to show the hits. I tried a search on something that would only give one hit, just in case the list was too large. So, I searched text for the word "bishoprick" using the option all text. I get one hit in KJV, which is correct. But nothing shows in the right window, until the mouse is over the "hidden" list. On top of that, it seem inconsistent on whether a new text window will open when I click on "open" or if the link will open in the current window.


I have tried it on another computer with a different license and different hardware. (Lenovo)


Using 13.0.2 on Windows 10 1909 Microsoft Surface




After some research, I found that the issue comes up when you do the search from the upper right search box.  If you open a research window first, it will work fine.  If you open with the uppper right search box, not only will you not see the search results, on a Lenovo laptop, Accordance will have an error message when you exit Accordance normally.



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