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Multiple problems with Bookmarks v. 13.0.2


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I previously mentioned here that I was having trouble getting bookmarks to stick in the Text Browser.  Tonight, when writing an answer in this thread, I had Josephus Greek/English Parallel open (no Text Browser), and I couldn't get bookmarks to stick in the Greek text.


Actually, to be specific, the bookmark icon wasn't sticking in the Greek text, but when I opened the Library, a bookmark did stick--but for the completely wrong verse in Josephus.  (I even clicked on that bookmark in the Library to see where it opened to, and sure enough, it went to the totally wrong place).


I then went over to the right side of the screen, to Josephus' English text, and the bookmarks stuck there with no problem.  But when I went up to "Selection" at the top file menu, the "Add Marked Verses to..." option was grayed out.  Why is that?


At any rate, I now realize that I'm having problems with highlighting that aren't only limited to the Text Browser.  See attached screenshots please.



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Thanks for the reports, TYA.  I'm seeing both things you've reported here.


Regarding the first screenshot, this is definitely a bug, that it added the wrong location - we'll get this fixed asap.


For the second, it seems that the Reference List only supports the Biblical corpus.  I honestly don't know why this is in place, as this decision predates my time at Accordance (so well over a decade!), but I'll investigate and get back to you.

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Thanks Joel so much.  And I made a typo by saying "highlighting" at the end of my first post.  I meant to say "bookmarks."

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