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Highlighter pen not working in commentary pane


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The new highlighter function doesn't work when trying to highlight a commentary in parallel pane to text. The highlighter works fine in the biblical text pane but does nothing in the commentary (?).


Edit - I've just opened a new commentary pane and it worked briefly before stopping again. So I closed and opened another new commentary pane and this time it didn't work at all! Each time it continues to work fine in the biblical text pane.


* To clarify this is NOT the 'pen' function but the 'highlighter' function, sorry for my confusing subject title, it was because the highlight function has a highlighter pen mouse curser...


The work around is to select the text in the commentary you want to highlight with the highlighter pen switched off, right click and select highlight from the drop down menu. 


Hopefully can be easily fixed for next release.

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Accordance Team - thanks for fixing this in 13.0.3 

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