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I've been having regular crashes. Nothing specific I can point to. One time while running a search. Once while updating content. A few times while just sitting in the background. Here's the latest crash log.


Accordance Crash Log
    Crashed at: 12:39:6:955 On: 18 of Nov, 2019  Eastern Standard Time
    OS: 10.0 build: 18362 - Windows 10
    Memory load (MB): 56% Physical: 12248 Avail: 5329
    Free disk user (MB): 1075102 All free: 1075102
    Accordance Version (

Message: Access violation
Address:   $005DCB80


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Mark, thanks for the report.  Based on the crash log it looks like a crash related to cross highlighting in one of your Search tabs? Does this help narrow it down? Perhaps, could you post the session you are running when it crashes?

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Yes, I do keep one tab open with Hebrew MT, LXX, and NRSV and have been running TEXT searches with it searching for word relationships between Greek and Hebrew.

I will try to save the workspace on the next crash.

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