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Acc 13 Highlighting Pen arc/line issues when resizing


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I'm excited about the highlighting pen but there is some quirkiness to it.  Many of the things seem to be kind of random so it's hard to post re-creatable steps, but as I put my finger on things, I'll post some of them.   Here is one with re-sizing:


1) Open Josh 10 (I'm using ESVS but I don't know that it matters).  I have the text sized so that I can see the first 7.5 verses. (Instant details is open)

2) Enable pen highlighting

3) Draw a box around Jerusalem in vs. 1.

4) Draw a box around Jericho in vs. 1

5) Draw an arc with an arrow between the two.

6) Close instant details - the boxes moved but the arrow did not resize and is now just pointing to space

7) Click Increase font size three times - again, the boxes are moving but the arrow does random weird stuff with each click


Another scenario

1) Go back to a normal size where Adoni-Zedek and Jerusalem fit on the same line

2) Draw a box between both words

3) Draw and arc between the words (mine is face up like a smiley face

4) Resize up until the words are on different lines -  The arc flipped upside down but the end points are on the bottom of the words still making the arc go through the text - I can appreciate that it is trying to do something intelligent here, but just didn't quite get it right


I've attached a number of screen shots






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