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Display/List text Differences crash


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Accordance 13 consistently crashes when using the parallel text feature with the 'List text difference' option under the display tab.

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Sigh, maybe I wasn't clear at all.


1. Open a text

2. Then open a parallel text.

3. Under the Display Tab choose 'List Text Differences'

4 Wait about 10 sec and while it is building a database of 'text differences, my Accordance closes up and I have to restart it.

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I can confirm this crash when comparing the entire corpus of the NKJV and KJV (the first combination I tried). Only happens with the Windows app:


Accordance Crash Log

    Crashed at: 12:44:59:280 On: 11 of Nov, 2019  Turks and Caicos Standard Time
    OS: 10.0 build: 18362 - Windows 10
    Memory load (MB): 93% Physical: 2047 Avail: 135
    Free disk user (MB): 9261 All free: 9261
    Accordance Version (
Message: Out of memory
Address:   $00412029
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The latest release 13.0.2 has not fixed the above bug, at least for Windows 10.

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