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Consistent Crash Closing Accordance after Update


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Since updating to ver on Windows 7, the system crashes each time I close Accordance in the normal manner.


The Crash report is quite small and follows:


Accordance Crash Log

    Crashed at: 16:16:36:567 On: 8 of Nov, 2019  Eastern Standard Time
    OS: 6.1 build: 7601 - Windows 7
    Memory load (MB): 40% Physical: 8063 Avail: 4798
    Free disk user (MB): 397716 All free: 397716
    Accordance Version (
Message: Access violation
Address:   $0040EDE1
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Share on other sites on Win10 is working well so far. (The update solved a number of issues I was having with the initial release.)

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I was wondering if Win 7 would be an issue. I am trying to decide if I want to still work with windows or go all in with Mac when Win 7 loses support. 



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