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PDF Import - Instant Details (Acc 13)


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I believe there is a bug with the Instant Details related to imported PDF files (I like that we have the ability to do this now!).


Regardless of which text I have set for Instant details in Preferences, when I import a PDF and hover over any of the verse hyperlinks, Accordance 13 displays the reference using the text that appears first in the list texts in the Library (e.g. if I have them listed alphabetically, it displays the hyperlinks with the ASV, but if I move another text to the top of the library list, it displays the hyperlink as the new first text.)


This only seems to happen with the imported PDFs at this point. The other text hyperlinks display the default selected text.


Windows 10 (ver 1903) on a Lenovo Ideapad

Accordance 13.0.0

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