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Cambridge Grammar of Classical Greek

Λύχνις Δαν

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Hi ya,


  I know all you need right now with 13 on the boil is a module request for a huge grammar, so here it is :)




  I have this in Kindle - usual issues there but this looks set to become the standard, probably replacing Smyth in time. We've discussed Smyth here many times but perhaps this would be a good alternative. And while I realize it's not Koine per se, the more I study Greek the more I feel that one really benefits from some knowledge of Classical Greek to understand more arcane biblical passages and extrabiblical material of the NT period - yes I'm thinking of you Flavius Josephus.




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Second this request, guessing since it's been nearly 3 years that this was posting that this isn't in the works? 

Trying to consider whether to buy the Kindle version or not (heard hardcover is poor quality, not worth price, and 800pp is tough for a paperback to handle). 

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This looks really interesting. I've added it to our acquisitions list. 

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