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Crash During Update

Justin Burt

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I have a rather slow ADSL connection that times out once in awhile. When it does this, Accordance lets me know, then when I try do re-download the updates I get an error message "Memory error # - 109 in procedure "ChangeHandle"!" and then Accordance crashes.


Also, this happened with I had 15 of 30 done, are those downloads somewhere were I can install them, or do I have to re-download them again?


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The Help file for the Update feature (in Miscellaneous but accessible from What's New) states:

Technical Notes: Normally both modules and the Accordance installer are downloaded to and unstuffed in



Clicking Install moves the old modules to:


and installs the new ones instead.


If the Accordance folder is on a secondary drive, the modules are downloaded to the Accordance folder/AccordanceUpdates/.

I hope this helps. The files will be removed when you restart the Mac.


I recommend that you download these files one by one if your connection is iffy. Also that you update to 8.1.3 since the larger files definitely crash earlier versions.


Isn't it really easier to order the DVD and get all the updates and access to the new materials, even in Indonesia?

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I do have 8.1.3 and yes the DVD is easier for us with bad connections. I will say though, now that I live in Papua, Indonesia, only DHL delivers; FedEx and UPS don't come out here so downloads are my only choice until furlough. :)

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