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Search for verbs ending in /nā(h)/

Jonathan Stokl

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Dear friends and colleagues,

I am currently trying to solve a question of how to read the form וְאַל־תִּשְׁלַ֥חְנָה in Obadiah 13, and wondered whether I could easily search for all verb forms in the Hebrew Bible that end in the vocalisation נָה. In a second step I would filter out all 2nd and 3rd feminine plural forms, and in a third step I wanted to include all forms ending with נָא (are they treated as separate morphological entities in the Accordance database?
Following advice online (http://accordancefiles2.com/helpfiles/OSX11/content/topics/11_ggtt/hebrew_searches.htm) I typed in the following search string:
(This is copy pasted from within Accordance. The display there is נָה.*)
Alas, I am getting loads of hits that look rather different such as פְּנֵי or הִנֵּה.
Does anyone know how to get this sort of search done? That would be fab!
Many thanks.
All the best,


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Try "=*nh" (with נָה replacing nh). The quotes indicate you are looking for the text form rather than the lexical stem. Add @[VERB second feminine]  or the like to restrict to specific grammatical forms. 




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