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Repeating Crash in User Tool

Tom Castle

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Hi there. I'm getting a repeating crash when trying to merge information into an existing User Tool.


I am just playing with the User Tool function to see how to use it (I've never really used it).

Here are the steps I'm taking:

1. I have a very small user tool called Pentecostal Theology. Basically it has two or three small paragraphs.

2. I open up textedit and type in a single line: II. The Origin of Sin

3. File -> Save As: HTML file titled The Origin of Sin.

4. In Accordance, I click on My Tools -> Import. Select HTML and Import Into a User Tool.

5. Select the existing user tool named Pentecostal Theology. OK the copyright notice.

6. Select the HTML to import. Click Open.

7. Click OK to the prompt advising that the new text will be added to the end of the existing user tool.

8. It gets through the import part but it gets about half way through the merge and crashed every time.


Some may ask why I'm using textedit at all instead of typing directly into Accordance... well, I can't get the formatting to work correctly in Accordance -> Edit User Tool. Spacing, bolding and italics seem moody at best.


Any help?

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