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Teaching With SlideShow in Dual-Screen

Tom Childers

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Last Sunday, I used Accordance in my sermon presentation instead of using Keynote. My wife, who does not use Accordance, asked, "What are all of those things at the top of the screen?" She was referring to the info above the gray divider bar, the info immediately below it, and just above the Bible text. I thought her question was a legitimate one, so I decided to see how Accordance's slide show feature worked in dual screen mode. Below are some of my findings after a few hours of experimentation.


First, I set up two workspaces. One called "My Computer" which has two panes - Bible text and My Notes. This workspace is displayed on my laptop screen. The second is a workspace called "Preach the Word" with four Tabs - Bible text, a map, a photo of Capernaum, and a photo of Peter's house. This workspace is displayed on the projector. The two workspaces are tied together so that they will scroll in sync. I saved the workspaces as a session by going to File, Save Session, and giving it the name Slideshow. In the future, when I open the Slideshow file, I will have two workspaces - one on my laptop, and the other displayed on the projector screen.


Second, I went to Preferecnes, General, and at Other, I checked "Ignore mouse click in slideshow pane." I then clicked on the project screen workspace to bring it to the front. Next, I ran the slideshow by clicking on Windows, Slideshow.


Here are some things I observed. I can drag the Icon that controls the slideshow to my laptop screen and control the presentation without the audience seeing any mouse movement. I have the ability to scroll the Bible text in sync, and change translations on my laptop, and my notes are displayed for my eyes only.


However, I lose some features that are important. I cannot use the Goto Box by hitting the TAB key. It does not work in either screen regardless of the setting in Preferences in #2 above. Also, I lose the Accordance Tool bar on my laptop. Actually, I think what is happening is that slideshow is running on both workspaces, except the projector screen workspace seems to be in full mode, whereas the laptop workspace still has several menu choices even though they do not function. I can enlarge the text and change translations, but most normal features do not work.


Another oddity. The Instant Details window fads in and out on the laptop workspace even though it is turned off in Preferences. The slideshow Icon also fads in and out, but it seems to have no interaction with the Instant Details windows.


My conclusion at this point is: While running Accordance in slideshow mode looks very good on a dual screen, there are several features which are lacking which limit its usefulness. I plan to continue to run Accordance in dual screen in my classroom teaching, but I believe Keynote is probably the better choice for my sermon presentations.

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 The two workspaces are tied together so that they will scroll in sync.  How do you do this?

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Tom, more importantly what was your physical set up and connections for your presentation in church, especially if using dual screen?


 We have a projection team with the computer next to the mixing desk at the back of the church so i dont have access to my computer when at the lectern so i tend to have everything prepared before hand and then use a zapper to present the next 'slide' (bypassing the projection team intervention).


i run a duplicate presentation on my ipad at the front (often with my air-turn) so i can see the next image before i zap.

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