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Library in Android doesn't find modules


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I posted earlier today, and since have been using Easy Install to download for literally hours, trying to get my phone loaded up with Accordance resources.


When I search in the Library on my Android for "Edersheim," I'm only finding, first just 1, and then eventually 2, of his 5 works.  If I don't use the search, but instead go to "Reference tools," then I find all 5 of Edersheim's works there.


Why doesn't the Library find all 5 works when I search "Eder" for "Edersheim"?  Does the Library require a day or two to update / populate what I've uploaded?  (Surely not).  Or is the Library simply deficient (in my humble opinion), because it doesn't find all 5 works by Edersheim when I search "Eder"?


(I hate to have to ask, but I've already spent hours trying to get this thing to work.)

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The good news is that if the modules show up under the folder ("Reference Tools" in this case) then they are installed. Not showing up in the search could be one of two things. First, it could be a bug in the search feature that is causing these specific module names not to be matched by the search (if so then it should be a quick fix once I identify the exact issue). Second, and more likely, is that the search is just taking longer than expected. The search actually runs in the background and just updates your screen once it finishes (as opposed to freezing your screen from the start until it finishes the search). From your comment that first one appears and then two, I'm guessing this is the case here.


Two questions to help identify the problem:

1. What device are you using the app on?

2. What happens if you type "eder" and then let the app sit for several seconds? Do more modules eventually appear in the search results?

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