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Accordance in Samsung DeX

R. Mansfield

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I'm interested to know if any of you have tried running the Android version of Accordance in Samsung DeX and what your experience has been like.


For those unfamiliar with DeX, it is a desktop environment that can be accessed from certain Samsung phones and tablets allowing for fullscreen use on a traditional computer monitor as well as an external keyboard and mouse. Theoretically, you you could have one device, such as a mobile phone, for both mobile and desktop use. 


Here are a few links to learn more about DeX:

In the image below, I'm running our Android version of Accordance at 1920 x 1080 on an HP monitor that I've connected via HDMI from a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. I was also using a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Of course, DeX allows not just fullscreen use of apps, but also with overlapping windows like Windows or macOS. Some apps have been configured specifically for use with DeX, but there's also an option to "force" the app to go beyond the set bounds of the app as you see in the photo. In the time I used Accordance in DeX, I had no problems with its use even though Accordance has not been tuned specifically to work with DeX.


On a related note, I'll be leading a webinar on Wednesday for our Android version of Accordance, and I hope to use a DeX setup for that session.



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