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I would like to be able to open links from User Notes and other resources in Safari. This would allow me to view the linked material in split screen or in a popover, or simply swipe back and forth between the two apps (I'm using an iPad). Safari also allows me to copy the link and perform other actions with the Share Sheet.


It might also sell more Accordance modules, because password filling doesn't seem to work in the builtin browser, so when the app opens the store page for a missing module, it's not as easy to log in as it is in Safari.


Either of these solutions would satisfy me:


1. Add a button to the toolbar of the builtin browser to open the link in Safari. I think this is the best solution and it seems easy to implement.


2. Add a setting to open links in Safari instead of the internal browser. This should also be easy to implement, but users are less likely to discover it. Since I usually want to open links in Safari, this would be more convenient for me.

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I recently happened upon the technical details of the solution: if the app uses SFSafariViewController to open links, users get a share button, a button to open the link in Safari, password filling, and more. This seems to me like an easy improvement to the app.

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