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Add Shortcut Key for "read" after searching in iOS?


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I love all the shortcut keys for Accordance on iOS, thank you!


It would also be really nice to have a shortcut key that would activate the "read" button (http://accordancefiles2.com/helpfiles/Mobile2/Advanced/Content/Images/icon_reading.png) after performing a search in order to view the entire text with the top verse in the display. This would allow us to effectively switch to new passages without taking our hands off the keyboard.

Or, perhaps there's a different way that I'm not aware of to do that?



Thank you for your excellent work on the iOS update! I love every aspect of the changes you made in it!

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Let me think about this. I'm not sure I want to clutter shortcuts too much, but I agree it could be handy. Apparently iOS 13 also has mouse support.

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