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Incorrect characters in BHS Tagged

Michel Gilbert

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Ever since the update to 1.4.0b2 (10971), Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia Tagged displays some incorrect characters:




I deleted and re-installed the Module with the same result. My other two Hebrew Bibles display correctly.


This is on Android 6.0.1.





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I see the issue on my phone. Android 5.0. There is a similar issue in the ESVS where occasional characters look like superscripts.


But it does not happen on my tablet - Android 8.


Evidently the ESVS issue is different because it does occur on my tablet.




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Thanks for reporting Michel. There is a known bug in the 1.4 beta where some characters are incorrectly superscripted. It's on the list to fix ASAP and before 1.4 is released in full form. Your bug is a bit different since the wrong *characters* are shown, but since all of these are also superscripted I'd say it's highly likely that it's a single bug manifesting in two forms. Regardless, this will be fixed before 1.4 is out of beta.

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