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Accordance Mobile Android v1.4.0 Open Betas

Mike Garrity

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Accordance Mobile for Android v1.4.0b2 (10971) has been published on Google Play as an Open Beta test.

What's New
  • Highlights support.
  • Dropbox syncing with desktop and iOS.
  • Library improvements:
    •     Modules can be re-ordered.

    •     Full titles for modules.

    •     Book Cover art included.

    •     Library is now fullscreen and less cramped.

    •     New and improved folder icons.

  • Where the scroll would occasionally reset to Genesis 1:1 upon leaving and returning to the app.
  • Where running a search with any Context other than "none" would default to display at the wrong result.
  • Where Latin tools would show up in Settings under English tools instead of Latin tools.
  • When the keyboard was not hidden upon leaving the library
  • Where the Library's Recents list could show garbled text instead of module names
  • Deleted modules were not removed from the Library's Recents list
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Accordance Mobile for Android v1.4.0b3 (11010) has been published on Google Play as an Open Beta test.



  • Library Recents now uses only 40% of screen height, with an option to Show All Recents
  • Full module titles are now used instead of abbreviations throughout the app
  • sped up the launch process at the splash screen
  • Added progress % updates for initial app setup
  • Updated EULA
  • The "My Mobile Highlights" file was not synced to Dropbox if one did not already exist in Dropbox.
  • Where Dropbox syncing did not work correctly after a disconnect and re-connect.
  • When a Dropbox connect forced the user to finish once the process had begun.
  • When Unicode highlight style names were rendered incorrectly.
  • Outline highlight styles were drawn incorrectly.
  • The recents list could be filled with junk data and grow beyond 15 items.
  • The WITHIN command was not included in the Advanced Search Commands list.
  • When some non-superscripted letters would be superscripted.
  • Where some characters in non-English texts (e.g. BHS) would be rendered as the wrong characters.
  • The app would freeze while attempting to navigate some modules (e.g. Lectionary Sermon Guide).
  • Where some module collections were not displayed correctly in Easy Install (e.g. Word Biblical Commentary 58-volume set).
  • Potential app crashes that could occur while running a search
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Accordance Mobile for Android v1.4.0 (11025) has been published on Google Play as an open beta test.




- Added support for searching styles. NOTE: searching for Unicode style names not currently supported.

- Improved Easy Install connection timeout on slower devices.



- Where bad verse references (e.g. Rev 22:1586) would be added to the end of search results in the second pane if any hits in the first pane were not in the text of the second pane.

- Crash that could occur frequently while searching some modules (e.g. HALOT).

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