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No Crash Dumps being produced for Windows 7


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Great day Accordance Team.


I use Windows 7 64-bit, and I am under the impression that crash dumps are supposed to appear in the following directory: "C:\Users\~you~\Documents\Accordance Logs".


Though crashes of Accordance are frequent with me (perhaps once per every 8 hours of use), I don't find any such directory as shown above--neither before 12.3.4, nor after installing and using it.  (And I also have selected "Show hidden files and folders," but I still don't find the directory above.


That being said, I experienced a crash with 12.3.4 just a few days ago, and I found a crash dump file named "Accordance.exe.7572.dmp".  When I looked at the properties for this file in Windows Explorer, it was created right at the time of the crash, so it must have something to do with the crash.


Anyway, I appreciate your help in reducing crashes and glitchiness with my Windows 7 machine.  I am not planning to change my OS, so can we make this work optimally with Windows 7 please?  Thanks.

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