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Alt method to search by Key Number not working


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Per Getting Started:  "Alternatively, you can select the word “Spirit,” then hold down the Alt key (Win) or Option key (Mac), click the Amplify icon on the Toolbar, and choose Search KJVS (the first item) from the menu that appears. The Alt/Option key tells Accordance to search for the Key number attached to the selected word rather than the word itself."


I tried this out (with a word that I confirmed did have a Strong's number), but selecting the word, holding Alt and clicking the Amplify button on the toolbar either does nothing or adds a blank separator to the left of the Amplify button.  When the Alt key is held, the dropdown menu from the Amplify button does not appear.


I tried this with two different texts (CSB-S and ESV-S) to make sure it wasn't a module rather than app problem, and tried it with different words as well.


I know that searching for other occurrences by Key Number can also be accomplished from the context menu, but thought I should mention this as soon as I noticed it.


(If you can't reproduce this, please don't spend much time on it just on my account -- I can use the other method.)





Accordance 12.3.4, Windows 10 Pro, homebuilt with AMD Ryzen 5 1600 cpu and MSI GTX 1060 video card, standard US keyboard layout.

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