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Extended navigation history


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is the length of history customisable? Or is it only short term at the moment? I’d like it to keep my reading history and be able to navigate through it.


Can this be planned?


I find I lose where I was up to, and the associated cros references as follows:

- perform a search, then previous reading history is lost

- switch to another tool, when coming back to the text the history is lost

- anecdotally after the phone’s been off for a while, history is lost (harder to test)

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Currently verse location histories are retained while a resource is open. These histories are scrolled through with the forward and back arrows on the bottom toolbar.


The same is true for search histories, found in the clock icon of the search view. They are retained while a resource is open.


Once you switch to another resource in your library these histories are lost as the previous resource is closed in order to open the new one up. In the future there may be the ability to have multiple concurrent resources open (as in the desktop application's tabs), but not at this point.


FWIW, this behavior is the same on the desktop. If you close a tab you lose your search and location histories.

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