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12.3.2 Deleting selected text in User Tool messing up contents


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Running Accordance 12.3.2 on Windows 10 1809


While editing a user tool, when selecting some text with the mouse and then pressing the 'Delete' key, the text is messed up.


See for instance these screenshots I took while editing the "Sample tool v2".


Selecting text:



Pressing 'Delete' key on keyboard:


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I cannot reproduce on the Windows 10 Pro 1809.


Same sample file, same sentences, using the delete of backspace keys, do not mess this up.


Does it happen to you after restarting the app again?

Are you using English keyboard?


I hope that somebody with the exact same Windows version as you will be able to test this as well.

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Yes, it happens consistently, even after restarting Windows. I'm using the standard US English keyboard.


I think it might actually be the same bug as this one, reported in the MacOS forum:


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Thank you for pointing out the other report. 


This problem will be fixed in the next build.

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