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Instability with original language Set Analysis Display dialog

Chris V

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Acc 8.0.5, MacBook Intel, 10.5


Removing an item from the Set Analysis Display original language sort/display table by clicking and dragging the item out of the table causes the dialog to become unstable.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a new search window for an original language text (example: GNT-T)
  2. Change the "Search for:" selection to "Words" and search for a word (example: pisteuw)
  3. Open the Details window (cmd-' or click the Details button)
  4. Click the Analysis button to open a new Analysis tab
  5. Open the Set Analysis Display dialog (cmd-t or menu item Display->Set Analysis Display...)
  6. Click and drag an item from the left list to any column in the construct (example: drag INFLECT to column 1)
  7. Click and drag the newly added item (or any of the default LEX items) out of the table to remove it
  8. Press the OK button to close the dialog
  9. Open the Set Analysis Display dialog again (cmd-t or menu item Display->Set Analysis Display...)

At this point the dialog has become unstable:

  • Pressing OK (even if no changes were made) always displays the error "The selected item cannot be used because it is already used in the same column." No item is actually selected. The only way to close the dialog at this point is by pressing the Cancel button.
  • Adding an item to the table in the same position as the previously deleted item and then removing that item (by either dragging it or pressing the delete key) causes the table to become entirely unresponsive.

Several times while testing this bug, Accordance crashed with the following console message:


9/10/08 Sep 10 10:42:04 AM [0x0-0x5bb5bb].com.OakTree.Accordance[21268] An unhandled exception occurred at $16EA2B30 :

9/10/08 Sep 10 10:42:04 AM [0x0-0x5bb5bb].com.OakTree.Accordance[21268] EAccessViolation : Access violation

9/10/08 Sep 10 10:42:04 AM [0x0-0x5bb5bb].com.OakTree.Accordance[21268] $16EA2B30

9/10/08 Sep 10 10:42:04 AM com.apple.launchd[68] ([0x0-0x5bb5bb].com.OakTree.Accordance[21268]) Exited with exit code: 217


Removing items from the Set Analysis Display table by pressing the delete key works perfectly and has never lead to the unstable dialog in my testing. For me, removing items via drag-and-drop felt natural because items are added to the table that way. It didn't occur to me to use the delete key until I began searching for a work-around for the bug.


As a side note, these original language search analysis tools that are available in Accordance are the most powerful biblical text analysis tools I have ever seen. Thanks!

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