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Yesterday I bought Graphics Pro. I was especially the Accordance Atlas that attracted my attention. Switch things, like roads, on and off. An even bigger feature I was after, is the ability to draw on a map.

Unfortunately that's the function that crashes Accordance every time...


Reproducing the error:

Start the Atlas

Click User layers in the top left menu

Define user layers or User sets


Nothing seems to happen until I click in the window. Then an hourglass pops up and the whole Accordance app locks up. It gets that 'grey mist' over it. The only way out is killing the task.


Accordance makes Chrome freezing up too. When Accordance is killed Chrome becomes responsive again.


Running Accordance without Chrome running doesn't solve the problem.

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Not reproducible on MacBook Pro 2.5 GHz i7 with OS X 10.14.2 with Accordance 12.3.2 RC2.

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This is a Windows only bug that will be fixed in the next build.


Sorry for the inconvenience - there is no workaround for this feature.

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Thanks for confirming the bug Orly. I'll just wait until the next build. 
The drawing was the biggest reason by far for me to even consider a graphics collection. Hopefully the drawing tools do what I want them to do.

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