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Accordance Mobile Android v1.3.1 Open Betas

Mike Garrity

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Accordance Mobile for Android v1.3.1b1 (10577) has been published on Google Play as an Open Beta test.


v1.3.1b1 (10577)
  • Improved text selection to allow for selecting a single character in Unicode texts that use a single character to represent a word (e.g. Japanese).
  • Reduced the lag on the initial Instant Details display. 
  • Issue that prevented searches beginning with a wildcard.
  • All word searches in Japanese Texts now work properly.
  • When section titles would be garbled in Tools with Greek or Hebrew section titles (e.g. HALOT).
  • Crash that occurred when opening module Bonhoeffer-Manger.


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Accordance Mobile for Android v1.3.1 (10648) was submitted to production for Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and posted on our servers for direct download.

v1.3.1 (10648)
Updated version info for release.
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