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Papers Crash in 12.3


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As of update 12.3 I have started to experience periodic crashes when working in Papers. 



The symptoms as best as I can narrow them down:


-  I often copy from my verse notes and paste into Papers.  So far it seems to occur only in the area where I have pasted the copied text from my verse notes. It does not happen with all text I copy from my verse notes.


-  There is a warning sign that it is about to crash if I proceed.  The warning sign is my mouse pointer turns into a big plus symbol.  (see attached image)


-  This plus symbol only appears if I hover over the end of the pasted text.  If I click at the end (like I am going to add more texted to the previously pasted text) Accordance will crash. 


-  This plus symbol does NOT appear nor is there a crash if I click in the middle or beginning of the pasted text to edit there.  Only at the end of the text (in attached image the last two words).



The attached photo shows verse 1John 3:1 as I pasted it directly from my verse notes.  Notice the cursor has changed into a  'plus symbol' as it hovers over the end of the pasted text.  If I were to click there to add more text Accordance crashes.  If I hover my mouse over any other portion of this text it is a normal edit cursor and clicking will not crash Accordance and everything works as it should.


More Info:

The 'plus symbol' appears as I hover over the last two words (which are "him not.") and extends for a couple more characters.  Hovering my mouse over anywhere else is completely normal.


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Additional information


After trying to diagnose this further I noticed that the mouse pointer turning to a plus symbol doesn't only happen at the end of the pasted text.  I have attached images of it occurring in the middle of the pasted text and NOT occurring at the end of the same copied text.






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Thank you for reporting this error.  The steps to reproduce and the pictures made it easy to debug.


There was a problem in the code when pasting from Notes into Paper.


This problem will be fixed in the next build.

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