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Keyboard shortcuts not working (non-us layout)


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I'm using the German keyboard layout (not sure if the issue is related to that), and a few shortcuts I tried aren't working (nothing happens).

To increase and decrease the context for example the default shortcut is CTRL+> and CTRL+<


On the German keyboard that is the first key beside the left shift key.

I tried to define the shortcut myself, but when I type CTRL+> a different character is used ([):



The other shortcut that I wanted to use, but didn't work, was the tab switching (I want to switch tabs when in slideshow mode, CTRL+TAB doesn't work there).

For this shortcut the default is CTRL+} which seems odd to me because "}" is generated by CTRL+ALT+0 on the German keybard (or ALTGR+0).


If I set this keyboard shortcut for example to CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+N it works. So the normal letters seem to work.


The F-keys also don't work. I wanted to change the slide show shortcut from CTRL+ALT+S to F11 for example. If I hit the F11 key in the dialog to set the shortcut, nothing is entered.

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Thank you for reporting these problems.  It seems that shortcuts for Ctrl+Shift+symbol have been broken for a long time - even on a regular US keyboard.


We will be working on fixing these in the future. 


The Ctrl+Tab problem will be fixed in the next release.

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Additional comment regarding v12.3.0: There seem to be problems in version 12.3.0 with some shortcuts that previously worked:

 - Typing @ doesn't work in the search box (ALTGR+q on German layout)

 - Cannot switch between search types (word, verse,...) in search box anymore using CTRL+SHIFT+, on German layout

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Typing @ should be fixed in the next release. 


There is still a problem with Ctrl+Shift+ any symbol. In any language. 

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