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The text drops out in middel of sentence


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As the title indicates I have a problem with the text in a paragraph randomly falls out. Sometimes the heading disappears also. 


I have provided three pictures and I will comment on them to explain the problem.  


Picture Acc 1.1 shows how the text all the suddenly drops out. I do not know how much of the paragraph witch disappears.


Picture Acc 2.2 shows how some of the text reappears when I adjust the size of the tool window. This adjustment is very sensitiv. Only a small adjustment might make much text appear and with a little more adjustment even more text disappears than what I got in the first place.


Picture 3 shows that the text is actually in the tool but it's invisible. I can mark the invisible text and copy/past it in word and it appears just fine. But even though I'm able to mark the text, some of the text 'continues' out of the window of the tool, so I'm only able to mark a fraction of the sentence/paragraph.


In this example I use Rose guise to the end-time prophecy. I have encountered the same problem in other tools as well.  






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This looks like an issue with hidden page numbers. The space issue is occurring where a page number is supposed to be. If you turn page numbers on, does it fix the issue?


Even with page numbers hidden, you shouldn't have this problem. I Just want to confirm that hidden page numbers is the cause.



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What happens to the text if you turn your page numbers on? You are up-to-date with version 1.1 of that module, correct?

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Yes, when I activate the page numbers everything works as it's supposed to.



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Thank you for this bug report.  A fix will be available in the next build.

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