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Unable to sync converted User Tools to iOS


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I have a number of converted user tools that I am trying to sync from Mac (most recent OS, most recent version of Accordance) to my iOS devices. I am utterly unable to upload many of these files. Some of them work okay, but for a significant number (1/3+), I am not able to upload them. When I try, it stops the whole sync session and displays the error message:


"There was an error while Accordance tried to encode data to send to the connected device. Please contact technical support to help you resolve this issue."


The user tools all are working just fine on my Mac.


Any ideas of how to get this working?




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If it helps, it looks like a common thread is that in the upload dialogue box all(?) of the ones that aren't working have "Unknown" instead of a file size.

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Hi Colin,


I was able to sync my converted User Tools without a problem. Can you list the names of the converted User Tools that you are having problems with?



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Douglas - Leviticus as Lit.

Joshua, Judges - Texts & Contex

I., Soc Structures & Conflicts

Soundings in Cultural Criticism

P. Francis - Laudato Si'

Collins - Apocalyptic Imaginatn

Early Monarchy in I. (10th c.)

Brueggemann - Money, Posessions

Friedman - Comment. Torah

Bk. of Common Prayer 1979

John, Cross - Ascent Mt. Carml

C.S. Lewis - Mere Christianity

C.S. Lewis - Miracles

Martin Luther King, Jr.

P. Francis - Evangelli Gaudium

P. J.P. II - Laborem Exercens

P. J.P. II - Pacem in Terris

P. Leo XIII - Rerum Novarum





And of course, all of them have the º after them.

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