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iOS crash when syncing with Mac


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There are two issues I've been having in syncing with the Mac. Specifically, I'm uploading converted User Tools to my iPad. 


1) When I try to upload some converted User Tools, I get the message "There was an error while Accordance tried to encode data to send to the connected device. Please contact technical support to help you resolve this issue." It then does not transfer any of the modules from the sync session. The modules that are crashing are consistent, so I can figure out which ones they are and avoid them, to at least get some of the modules uploaded to iOS. But this means that there are a number of modules that I cannot sync at all.



2) To adapt to this, I've been doing the syncs in small batches, so that at least it has a few on from each sync, and going several syncs in a row. However, whenever I finish a sync (successful or unsucessful), if I try to sync again, the iOS app crashes in ~5 seconds after initiating the connection.


Thank you!

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