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#157 Paper

Timothy Jenney

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The latest podcast is up! It actually posted last week, while all of us here in Florida were getting ready for hurricane Irma.


The topic is Paper, the last of the Accordance 12's new features to receive a "little love" with a full-blown podcast. Paper is a composition tool within Accordance, designed to allow us to write using Accordance resources seamlessly. No more switching back and forth, back and forth, between Accordance and a word processor! Check it out!


Here's the podcast: https://vimeo.com/232425335

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Really love PAPER! Granted, I am using it to prepare my Sunday school students's lessons, but I still love it!




1. I can not re-open my PAPERS from ACCORDANCE using the OPEN command (see attached), and another guy in forum says that

    his Accordance entirely crashes when he tried to open his papers. My Accordance does NOT crash, but it will NOT open my

    papers from within Accordance.




Is this intentional? What am I doing wrong?


2. I usually prepare my lessons at my desktop, but I do my presentation on either an iPHONE or iPAD. How do I sync the presentation to the iPHONE or iPAD? (I don't think that a PDF is going to work). If that is an upcoming feature; no problem. 





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One more thing: I realize that it is "a day late and a dollar short", but I want to express my appreciation for the staff at Accordance, and I hope that everyone is safe after all the hurricanes.

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I am starting to get some crashing -- I was going to use PAPER as my primary resource-preparation note-taker, as opposed to Mellel. HOWEVEr... it is now starting to my my ENTIRE ACCORDANCE crash.  And... since Mellel 4 now has an iCLOUD option such that: a MELLEL presentation can be converted from my desk=top to my iPAD: heading back to MELLEL for the rest of this weekend.

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