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Widget reactions?

Joel Brown

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I know theres been lots of (well, seems like lots of to me) requests for this Accordance widget and talk about what it might or might not do. Well, it just got released today, so I urge everyone to go check it out! I was doing a lot of the work on it, so I'm curious as to your comments, be it about look, functionality, anything. This is the initial release, so I'm open to listen to other ideas (if they are feasible, of course).

Widget is very buggy for me. When I hit Enter, not only does it look up verse, it launches main Accordance app. Also, sometimes the Widget just does not work and fails to look up reference at all.


For now, I have disabled the widget.


Computer: iBook G4, 800 MHz, OS 10.4.3, 620 MB RAM


Also, even though only Bible verion I have installed is KJV, when I do a search, not only does it launch main Accordance app, I see an error message that NIV is not installed so search can not proceed. Widget is buggy all around for me.

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Regarding the launching of Accordance, as has been discussed before, there is no way to access the texts without using Accordance itself. The problem is twofold: 1) The sheer amount of module decryption and languange handling is much higher than the scope of the widget itself, in addition to the handling of unlocking. 2) Even if that code were to be put into the widget, it is a great security leak, as there is no way to protect the widget code from being stolen. Thus, I won't call launching Accordance a feature, but it is a necessity to access the unlocked texts on your computer.


For your other bug, I'm not sure why this is happening. Even if Accordance only has 1 translation (such as the KJV), if the translation list is correct (make sure you update it on the back of the widget), it will still function fine. If Accordance doesn't have the NIV, there should be no reason why its trying to access it. Are you using the latest versions of both Accordance and the widget?

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