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can not even do the "simplest tag search" in my Hebrew bible

Jonna Schmidt

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I am studying BBG with Dr. Mounce, and we are studying periphrastic participles. 

So... I am trying to find ALL the Greek New Testament participles.

Someone graciously gave me a "starting" construct search, and although I have the SYNTAX module, since I am just a new Greek student, I am still struggling.

So... I went to Dr. Jay's podcasts #135, and he shows a very basic HEBREW SYNTAX search -- and despite my best efforts: I can NOT duplicate his "very basic search" -- so I am kind of frustrated this afternoon.


I can duplicate the search for EXCLAMATIONS in the GREEK texts, but I just keep getting errors with the Hebrew Bible, which undermines my confidence in any search. Just what am I doing wrong? 


THANKS for any help. Here are my "searches"


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Wrong text!


BHS is for text critics and the HMT-W4 for Syntax searches (or ETCBC)





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Jonna –


Finding all the participles is pretty straightforward – once you know how to do it.


Chose WORDS for your search.  Then use the Menu bar:




After clicking on Verb and releasing, this box will come up:




Hit return and you will have a list of all the participles in the NT.




There are a lot of them!


To get just the periphrastic constructions is more complicated and I'm trying to get my Hebrew homework finished and to study for a quiz.  If no one else sets it up for you, I may be able to help you tomorrow.

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Thanks so much! I somehow did not have the HMT-W4 in my list of Hebrew Bibles. (It was down in non-English Bibles). So that solved that, and thanks! Did NOT realize that I had two Bibles that look so similar.


Thanks for the input on the participles. I will keep working on the periphrastic phrases! I gave up on Dr. Jay's podcast last night when I could not even do his first "simple" search. Back to the podcast.

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Jonna –


Hang in there – it really is worth it.  Both Greek and Hebrew are a lot of work but you do gain understanding of God's Word that you can't get any other way.  After Mounce, I knew I still had much to learn but at least had some confidence that I had a good handle on what we had covered in the first year.


From what I have seen this year in Hebrew (Pratico & Van Pelt), the grammar is much easier than Greek.  The morphology is nightmarish.  Stuff morphs.  Some consonants vanish.  I'm only auditing, and am satisfied with my weekly quiz scores, but I don't feel as grounded as I did coming out of first year Greek.

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