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UI: multilanguage support spanish and german


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Would be nice if Accordance mobile would also have multilanguage Support.


There would be some people here in the forums, who would help with the translation. As soon as there is a List of words used in the ui.



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Yes and now with the other translations too. Italian, Portuguese, French, Korean.


I know this is not really needed to use it. BUT it is really needed to have different localizations to advertise it. It make a much more desired tool if there are Localizations. 


The Kids by us also don't use High German to text each other, they do it in their "real" mother-tongue. So a Translation in the most near language is a must to attract new users. Since the amount of UI words are überschaubar, it should not to be a big task.

Otherwise they use other Bible Software. If threre a no localization in their language, their are not interested in an App. Thats factfullstop





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