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Recommendation on The Narrated Bible in Chronological Order


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I like and highly recommend "The Narrated Bible In Chronological Order", narrated by F. LaGard Smith, and published and copyright 1984 by Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon 97402, using the New International Version. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 83-8337, ISBN 0-89081-408-2, 2nd Printing, 1985.


I would love to see Oaktree add this book to Accordance.


I searched the internet, and could not find it at Harvest House 


I like it better than the current Chronological readings in Accordance.  It is so much easier for me to read.  For example, excerpts from the Introduction by F. LaGard Smith:  "To prevent confusion, the repetitive verses in Samuel, the Kings, and the Chronicles are consolidated. Throughout that rearranged text, the various prophets are inserted whenever they come on the scene."  "In the New Testament, the four Gospels are integrated into one chronologically arranged presentation. Repetitive passages have been harmonized in such a way to preserve the overall readability of the material."


Thank you for considering this recommendation.

   Lloyd Balch

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I suppose one could construct a verse list and get a narrated Bible in any version you want... I wonder if one exists on the Exchange.

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