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Hebrew Apposition Example differing results

Λύχνις Δαν

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Hi ya,


  Acc 12.0.1

  Mac 10.11.6


  Working through BriefUserGuideHebrewSyntaxDatabase_2016.pdf.


  Example 5.17 Apposition is shown in the document to have 379 hits in 295 verses. My results are counted wildly differently being 865 hits in 549 verses. That said I get the same hits as far as those in the document are concerned. But what is perhaps more odd is that in the document the hits are highlighted with multiple lines through while those I have are mostly just single lined, in Gen 15:4 and 24:30 and 42:14. I've attached an image to match the one in the doc and the workspace.




  I believe this is just a change in the way hits are counted and the way highlighting is done but I mention it in case there is something else going on.





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The addition of Jeremiah *after* I created the Guide accounts for most of the different (511x in Jeremiah!). But the new totals I get by excluding Jeremiah are 354x in 295 vv. I cannot account for the difference between 379x versus 354x. 


There is something slightly off about the Hits anyway, since in my raw data there are 11085 appositions (clausal or phrasal) and entering the simple "Appositive" tag in Accordance gets 14,214 hits. 


Always weird. I'll pass it on.

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