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Downloading new updated modules

David Hunt

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For the last two days I have attempted to use the AccUpdater widget to download

the new updates for my existing modules. In 6 different attempts it has failed.

However in 4 of those attempt the module has finished the download, shown that

it is installing the modules and told me the the download was successful and that

I should now start Accordance. When I start the Accordance and check the module

version it shows that only the older modules are installed. Also, when I go to the module folder

and sort by Date Modified there have been no recent modifications.


I am using an iBook G4 running Mac OS 10.4.11, 1Gb memory 1.42 GHz G4 processor.

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I will not be posting the latest modules from the Scholar's Collection for the AccUpdater widget. The widget is not yet working in OS 10.5, and there are so many updated and new modules. We hope that everyone will order the new CD-ROM in order to get their updates. I just haven't gotten round to removing the slightly older modules yet, which is probably why they are downloading for you. Sorry for the hassles, but we are still recovering from the conventions and getting our act together after the holiday.

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