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Todd Bolen's pictorial library of the Holy Lands


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Hi, i see that the two modules are on sale currently, Are there any plans for getting any of the other modules in this series into accordance?



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I've asked for this before. I have all of Todd's DVDs and they are excellent!

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Hi tony, yes i remember the thread but was feeling lazy and didnt search.


There was also a lot of discussion when we got the two modules and a very very very kind person put a link to todd's site. Ive held off getting the cds in the hope that more will be available on accordance as i am really valuing having all my stuff in one place (plus all the added features that accordance add, Not to mention no cd reader on my ipad or latest mbp).


I was looking at photo guide again in the last sale, but i can now affort to wait....


I just think its great these two resources are on offer again (includes accordance magic and cheaper than dvd!).




Previous thread




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Hello all,

I asked the creator of Pictorial Library of Bible Lands directly. Here's his reply to my question regarding the possibility of purchasing all his cd/dvd through Accordance for complete integration:

"Thank you for the kind email. We have talked with OakTree Software over the years, including hosting the president in our home, but they do not seem to be interested in licensing our other current volumes. I think the reason for this is that it would compete with their BibleLands Photo Guide. We’ve heard interest from people over the years, including some that have posted on their forums, but OakTree hasn’t shown interest. So that’s where things stand. We’re working on a new photo collection; perhaps they will find that of interest when it is released. Thank you again for writing.





Hope this helps.


Does anybody know if there exists a way to buy the cd/dvd from Todd Bolen and manually integrate into Accordance software?

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